All quiet in the Paradore in Argomaniz after a short ride yesterday brought us from Santander. Withnail is now without after with brilliant assistance from Jorge we has both emergency repair kit delivered as we got off the ferry as well as a trip to a tyre workshop where it was patched professionally while we watched all for 5 euros. This involved lots of conversation and about 5 guys discussion the concerns of tyre balance and vulcanization. All very quickly. 

A trip of a nearby bar and a catch up with Jorge. If there .is anything that this highlights it is treating people right and always respecting them will always payback. You may need them one day. I am and have been guilty of abusing both friendships and people directly through my words and actions. This isn’t uncommon for many people and comes through competitiveness and a lack of empathy for the motivations and feelings of people. We see ourselves better than others and to preserve this view even if we aren’t better than friends and colleagues we have to maintain that impression.  

A later conversation  (and it was later as dinner in Spain is late) with Roger we got to talking about the pressure that people have at work. One of the ways we judge people and express opinion is on how good they are at there job. Recently via text one colleague had expressed concerns about Roger taking on a role I had asked him to do. Whilst in some aspects he was right that his leadership and ability to sell himself among the wider team might not be strong he had not thought about the wider issues around dealing with people, getting concensus on issues and having the motivation for doing a good job. No one is perfect for any role as such as whilst the role tends to be shaped by the person doing the job it is in the most part successful even if it is different to what you have seen in the role when it was specified in the job description.

Accepting that people essentially do the best they can in any job is of course fundamental. Accepting that this may not meet your own expectations on the job isn’t so easy. Accepting that their work and interpretation of the job might be better than your own is even harder. My own view is that it’s always good to accept that people are better than you except in cases of monumental fuckups or incompetence. The barrier to this is understanding their motivation and abilities.

People like Jorge, Roger and others who I have worked with have amazing skills and knowledge. They do things differently to me but it’s easy to accept that because of what they achieve. For others it is more challenging.  

There is another post here about the banal and bland, sometimes sycophantic conversations that take place at work where people don’t really challenge others about what they do or so. Not because they think they are great but because they dont want to be challenged themselves. Seeing the good in everyone however small is good but developing it with them a bit harder.