A small cog

13th February 2017 By malcra 0

You might at times get an idea of self importance and you have some significant value or place in the world. However a night in a large city with lots of people is one way to getting some perspective.

However for me rather than observing and being in awe of the few, in some the world’s most expensive houses or apartments or people, it’s a chance to view the many and to be aware of what they have. And it might not be money.  

On the District Line last night there were couples with the fresh look of love and an older couple who shared a bag of crisps and sat there together with a mutual understanding of each other that didn’t need words. There are wide eyed tourists getting lost and ripped off in London for the first time. None of them are important to the wider masses but they are important to themselves and a few others. That is great. 

Getting a sense of perspective is important in an increasingly complex society that one hopes has now plunged the depths of instant fame, artificial values of worth and a level of detachment from each other.  

My own small cog is important to me and I hope to some other friends and that is what I will focus on. It’s not my money or some reflected status but should be the way I act in this bubble of society that surrounds me.