After the failure of the mild, the second recipe was a low ABV India Pale Ale, primarily using Fuggles hopes for brewing and potentially then dry-hopping using Goldings (or maybe more Fuggles). Not exactly normally, but I’m not a big fan of over-hopped IPAs. More like a bitter then….

08h00 prepping the starter. Wyeast Whitbread Ale smack pack with 1 litre of DME mixture
15h00 : Finished crushing the malt. 5kg of Maris Otter pale malt and 700g of Caramalt in the grist. Have to the adjustment for the crusher not too bad but whilst precrushed malt is easier, is it fresh. Again this batch came from The Malt Miller
15h30 Started the boil about 37 litres of water in the HLT and aimed for a strike temperature of around 78 C based on the grist weight and temperature.
16h20 : Started the mash with an initial temperature of 69 C after adding about 17 litres to the mash tun. No real clumping of the grist but stirred it to drop the temp to 68 C and ended up at 67 C ! By 17h20 the temp in the tun had dropped to 66C but had held the temperature pretty well.
17h20 Mash just prior to sparging
17h30 Verlauf, took about 7 litres from the mash tun and then poured gently back into the top of the grain bed to get it to run a bit clearer before starting the sparge.
17h45 Sparging, tried to do this slower than we’d done it for Brew #1 with the aim of a 1 hour sparge. Ran the tap really slowly then added water from the HLT (at around 75 C) into the top of the mash tun using a 1 litre pyrex jar and a collander. Automating this process with a sparge arm would by good, but would need to look at gravity set up which would mean raising the HLT well above the current bench.
18h00 : Used the refractometer to measure the gravity during the sparge. Based on the recipe calculations was looking for an OG of 1.037, with around 30 litres of wort to boil. After 10 litres was at 1.065, 15l 1.050 and then at 20 litres 1.043. Measurement at 25 l was down to 1.036, so very quick drop off and 5 l short of the expected volume from grist weight.
18h10 : Boil started. The Sparge only took 40 minutes, again too quick and maybe the reason for the lower than expected OG / wort volume.
18h27 : Wort starts to boil and added 30g of Fuggles hops. Added another 30g at the end of the 90 minute boil and let rest for 30 minutes before cooling.
20h30 : Cooling the wort through the heat exchanger. Need to run the wort through twice to get to 20 C in the bucket. Did look at running straight into the fermenter using the pump, but this produced a high pressure leak on the pipe straight away so went for a much simpler approach of half-filling the bucket and pouring it into the fermenter.
21h00 Wort into the fermenter and then oxygenation for 3 minutes. At 5 PSI and using a 5 micron stone dropped in to the wort. Then pitched the yeast starter and sealed the fermenter.
08h00 Next Day. Much better looking krausen than Brew #1 and quite a bit of noise from the airlock. Need to ensure that the fermenter lid is on tight as it will leak otherwise.