A40 Brewing : Brew Day #1

11th March 2019 By malcra 2
Crushing the malt; make sure the battery is charged on the drill. Cheap Chinese made crusher but is fully adjustable and seems to work well.
  • 16h00 : Start Wyeast Whitbread Ale #1099 in 900Ml Water + Dried dark malt extract at 80:20 water:malt. At 20C and in flask over agitator. Maintained agitation until time to pitch (about 4hr45)
  • 16h00 : Start heating 33L water to 80C (We did 78C but 80 better)
  • 16h50 : Begin Mashing: 15L water. 4.5 Kg Grist as above. 78C water gave 68C Mash
  • 17h10 : Temp drop 2° in 20min so added 1L at 75C to 16L total now back at 68C
  • 17h15 : Start reheating plain water to 80C for sparging
  • 17h40 : Mash temp down to 66C
  • 17h50 : Begin Verlauf. 1L wort at at time. Down side of mash till wort started to clear
  • 18h00 : Finish Verlauf
  • 18h05 : Begin Sparge. 2L water at a time at 80C. Add about 6L. Tot vol only 20L (due to soaking into mash and evaporation).
  • 18h30 : Test sample wort at approx 20C. OG 1045. Sparge further to 29L total. Wort now runs clear
  • 18h40 : Re-Test. OG now 1035. Total Sparge water was about 15L.
  • 18h45 : Move copper to heat and turn on
  • 19h10 : Rolling boil @ 100C. Add 50g Fuggles Hops
  • 19h40 : Add Irish Moss (Copper Finings)
  • 20h40 : Crash wort into sterilised bucket for transfer to fermenter. Heat exchanger with steady cold flow and slow flow of wort drops teml from boil down to about 16C.
  • 20h45 : Transfer cooled wort to fermenter and pitch yeast. Remaining Vol 26L. Fermentation fridge set to 20C. Ambient temp in brewery started about 10C and rose to 15C.
Grist; 4kg mild ale malt, 420g Crystal Malt, 120g Chocolate Malt from The Malt Miller in Swindon. Brew Day #1 was to make a mild, as per the recipe which is uploaded into Brewers Friend.
The HLT above the Mash Tun. Gravity used for the brewing rather than the food grade pump shown (will perfect the setup in subsequent brews) . The 50 litre brew kit came Powell Brewing in Flint, North Wales. Build quality is excellent and even with my recent lack of brewing experience, things seemed go well with the kit.
Yeast starter. Made a 1 litre starter using Dried Malt Extract as the base and with liquid Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale yeast.
The mash during sparging.
Basic sparging approach using a collander
Wort going from the mash tun into the kettle; the rate was slowed significantly later and we spent 45 minutes getting the 28 litre final volume in to the kettle. Will aim to do this slower in futre
Karl using the refractometer, original gravity on the target 25l was slightly too high, so 28l in the kettle gave 1035 which is what we were aiming for.
Full kettle ready to boil; using the pump would avoid lifting the 28kg pot, but as mentioned thats for next time. OG was 1035 so bang on for the plan for Bwlch Mild.
50g of Fuggles hop at the start of the boil (90 minutes); very slight bittering for a Mild
Time for some guitar during the boil (as well cooking a steak) and the prepping for the cooling and getting the wort into the fermenter.
Getting the wort cool as quickly as possible using the heat exchanger. Pretty impressed with this bit of kit and we got it down to 15C in 25 minutes, with some faffing, so again as a practice brew day plenty of points for the future.
Into the fermenter, in the brewing fridge. Already set to around 20 C this should see a consistent fermentation process. Pitched the yeast starter at around 16 C, in line with the temperature of the wort at the time. The fridge uses an STC 1000 to control the fridge (to cool) and a 60W greenhouse tubeheater to heat it. Seems to work pretty well.

And now we wait for 5-7 days to check fermentation.