A40 Brewing : State of the Mild

22nd March 2019 By malcra 0

The mild got binned after been stuck at 1020 gravity and with no real fermentation taking place. Dried yeast was added after 5 days in attempt to get it going but no luck in getting it moving. There was no real head / krausen formed on top of the wort and no movement through the airlock.

This was potentially down to a number of things:

  • lack of air / oxygen in the wort. Whilst we did pitch it from a bucket into the fermenter, it made have needed more swirling around after the boil
  • the mash didn’t go well and whilst the temperature seemed okay at around 67-68 C, potentially not enough sugars etc were extracted in to the wort.
  • the original yeast starter didn’t really start. Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale liquid yeast but it didn’t look right when it was made an pitched.

It was Brew #1 and though not successful, plenty to think about going into Brew #2 and some changes in the process. Low 3.6% ABV IPA coming up next.