Always a surprise

5th November 2020 By malcra 0

I’ve bought some job lots of records over the last couple of months, mainly as the stock for the planned Core Of The Poodle store that will be opening [[Lockdown and the legal process permitting]] in Haverfordwest in December.

There have been some nice finds, including some nice South American folk records than came from a box from an auction, where the auctioneer was basically begging for someone to bid on them.

This album is from Ecuador (though most of the box was Chilean releases) and is from Los Corazas. Whilst there is the hint of the pipes primarily heard on wildlife films from the Andes, this seems much more folk influenced. A pleasant listen, I played both sides whilst cataloguing the rest of the box.

The record is available in store, both online and in the shop, when it opens 🙂