Well I made it to Tewkesbury, but made it no further, as the coolant light came on, so I decided to head to Pete’s garage in Hereford for a quick check and low and behold, there was a lot of oil in the water.  Cup of coffee and decided that was that and the van needed to head to South Hereford VW, as its still under warranty.

Ah, never a good sign but at least it was the middle of Herefordshire, rather then the middle of the desert.

A lot of oil in the water. I’d topped the water up a week before but not noticed any oil. Turns out Pete had also topped up the coolant when he’d serviced the van but no signs of trouble then.

Phoned up South Hereford VW and booked it in there, as it’s still under warranty.  Need to get it recovered from Pete’s in the morning and for them to take a look at it. Brittany Ferries kindly rebooked me without a charge, but thats going to be 15 December at the earliest, so the trip isn’t actually going to be as long as intended, and very dependent on the van getting fixed. A real pain but on the upside, it’s now and not in 1000 or 2000 miles.

Now, what do I do till then…