The bump being the return to work. Appropriately enough I’ve checked into a business hotel neat Getxo (that’s pronounced Getcho as we are in the Basque country) and whilst rooms are cheap not much else is in the hotel. Work was very much the order of the day and my task was now to catch up with the last 4 weeks of work. Did manage to take a few calls during a walk out to and across the transporter bridge, which unlike the one in Newport is in day to day use for fare paying cars and foot passengers. Well worth the 40 cent fare. Bilbao and surroundings are great and I really like the area. You get can grab a Pinxo from a bar along with a beer, which doesn’t mean you starve waiting for dinner to be served at 10pm. Apart from the work a pretty chilled out day, though Morocco seems a million miles away. Have booked the van into VW in Hereford for Thursday to look at the oil in water issue and potentially to run a service just in case. Be interesting to see if the van makes it and what they think is still happening. Ferry is on for tomorrow as the Bay of Biscay looks calmer than it has been. Last day of the trip really and final chance to be away. Though also good to be back!