Blaenlynnfi Tripel

8th September 2020 By malcra 0

As part of the ongoing development of the Core Of The Poodle Brewery and the 1st attempt at brewing a Welsh abbey beer, in the style of a Westmalle Tripel seems to have come out relatively well. A Westmalle Tripel has a balance of alcohol (9.5% abv), sweetness and bitterness, resulting in a complex flavoured, light colour hazy beer, with a strong head from bottle condition.

The Blaenlynnfi is named after the local castle in Bwlch, appropriately built orginially by the FitzHerberts in the 11th century. There’s still bits of it left of it today, but not much. Some of the stone from the castle was probably used in building the house I now live.

The Blaenlynnfi beer itself is tripel in style, comes in at 7.8% abv and is provided in 330ml bottles and cans.

The bottle tripel. The brew day produced around 65 litres into the fermentor, which then provided 72 bottles, 40 cans, a 19 litre and 5 litre keg. The kegs were forced cabonated, with the rest being bottle conditioned with priming sugar.

The recipe was acquired from a Brew Your Own website article, but the key principles are as follows:

  • a Belgian pilsner malt, with no other adjuncts in the mash
  • use of candi sugar at the end of the boil stage; I made this myself by inverting normal beet sugar.
  • subtle hop flavourings
The brewer during the taste test

The taste test between the Blaenlynnfi and the Westmalle was interesting, with the only let down being the current bottle conditioning of the Blaenlynnfi, though its only been bottled a couple of weeks and it will improve over the next couple of months. This initial batch was primed with cane sugar, though corn sugar may have produced better results.

The bottled beer is maturing and a comparison with the kegged beer already shows it having more complex flavours and an enhanced drinking experience.

The beer is currently not available to the general public but if you would like a sample please let me know on or on 07720 079845