Brew Day Experience

1st September 2020 By malcra 0

Core Of The Poodle Brewing is happy to offer it’s brew day experience aimed at complete newcomers to home brewing or to people who wish to spend the day honing their skills.

The day includes:

  • practical day all grain brewing
  • making a 19 litre batch of beer for you to consume
  • tips and tricks of getting a drinkable result
  • some theory on the production process
  • good basis for starting all grain brewing at home
  • production of an ale-type beer (bitter or mild)

A brew day takes 7-8 hours so they’ll be plenty of time to chat, exchange notes and talk about and drink beer.

What you’ll do and learn :

  • the steps in a brewing (mashing, boiling, fermenting etc)
  • ingredients and their effect on beer
  • the different types of beer and how to brew them
  • terminology
  • getting a good quality product
  • what equipment you need (and the choices)
  • storing and serving beer

The brew day finishes once the wort is in the fermentor and will take 5-14 days to be ready to keg or bottle, so you may not be able to take it hope with you.

The cost for the experience is £ xx-xx and this includes ingredients, use of brew kit, lunch and drinks.

Current dates planned are:

  • Saturday 10th October 2020 @ 09h00