Choosing a path

1st March 2016 By malcra 0

You find them in the back of airline seats and the otherwise desolate receptions of tech companies, but the business magazine still holds a place, even in this day of serial bloggers. The recent appearance on Red Hat EMEA GM and Senior VP Werner Knoblich in CEO Magazine is a good example of a polished piece of writing and advertorial placement. Whilst of course focusing on 55 quarters of continued growth it does reference the ‘open organisation’ and the fundamentals of successful business around open source. It’s easy to write-off this style of puff piece but its interesting to look more closely at the readership and aim.

Do CEO’s read CEO Magazine ? Or is it wannabe CEO’s or other aspirational tech company executives ? Would love to know what the click through rate is to get from the outline of the article to the downloadable PDF. Taking a look at CEO Magazines website you have to be curious about what is the Business and Lifestyle of the Executive. For Kierkegaard this would have typified the businessman and their quest for instant pleasure, identified clearly with the automotive, leisure and other luxury items that wealth through career provides. It is what most people aspire to and there is no wrong in that. Having a strong sense of security through financial wealth is not to be derided.

However, there is a sense of something missing. A great article in The Guardian this week on Billy Muir, the man with 20 jobs. He doesn’t make as much money as even the poorest CEO doing these all these jobs but he is trying to keep the small community of North Ronaldsay in the Orkneys alive. There is a sense of other worldliness, of a greater good, that you don’t get when you review the success and wealth of a businessman.

Read both articles and it will help you understand where you want to be and to understand the purpose of your life. Neither are wrong, but you’ll understand if you have chosen an Aesthetic or an Ethical path.