Day 1 Done. 

13th March 2017 By malcra 0

The annual sales kickoff  (SKO) is something to be cherish. An assault course of the senses it can be brutal with the hedonism of many and a frustration of a few. From awards for doing your job which can be painful when you watch sales people lauding it up (though the small reward for the team for best staff retention was good and appreciated for change), through to brown-nosing as Olympic sport, there are plenty of ways to fry your brain. 

Spending money to get people to the event isn’t cheap so there is a tendency to make sure everyone is busy and in meetings all the time. As mentioned in the previous post, the best reward comes from the unexpected, the meeting of minds and the satisfaction of self discovery. More self discovery is good. 

However you need to be self aware. If you want to choose your own path then you also need to allow people to choose theirs in the same.