Everything is not what it seems

28th January 2017 By malcra 0

It’s a pintje, 25cl of Belgian pilsner style quality beer. It’s a Jupiler served in a Stella glass as that’s the first 25cl glass I grabbed from the cupboard. 

A great initial taste that makes you take another swig straight away as you walk back from the fridge. That it’s not in a Stella Artios glass doesn’t make a difference to how it tastes but it leaves a lingering sense of uncertainty. The brain doesn’t settling and you a looking at a beer in the wrong glass. 

Or is it that I am drinking on my own in the house, something I usually avoid and make do with a cup of tea. After falling asleep on the sofa listening to Craig Charles I am now awake listening to Tom Robinson and some great indie tracks on Radio 6. 

I am now thinking and not by watching television it’s lucid thinking. The pintje is the perfect size as it feels good in the hand. At 25cl it’s still fresh at the bottom of the pint and still cold. A Kolsch at 20cl is too small and whilst 33cl is okay, the 44cl pint is to much for lager (maybe okay for bitter or ale). It does feel right and as I right this all becomes clearer. 

I’ve written this and drunk half my beer. All is now right with the situation. And I will probably not need another beer