24 hours on a ferry (from Santander to Portsmouth) can be a rewarding experience. Plenty of time to think and read especially when the Internet access is virtually non existent.

Roger mention the idea of ships being havens of escapism (the 70s ship, a pirate vessel for example); a more practical Westworld of the high seas. It might be the oceans might be the only escape point from modern society. Along with seaside towns in Essex.

The Pont Aven does unfortunately have TV which enabled us to watch France beat Wales in the 98th minute of the rugby, but also does still have old school entertainment last seen at the end of each Phoenix Nights episodes.  There is a detachment from day to day living as time goes slow and an alternative universe aboard ship plays out. French ship somewhere between Spain and the UK does make for an interesting experience. The people travelling (in March) are also an interesting bunch which also adds to the mix. From lorry drivers to returning, Mercedes driving expats there is a heady mix. 

Down in steerage with a heavy sea overnight you are not just detached from people on land you are also detached from the everyone else on the ship. The bunk and your part of the cabin is your world and the sound of the ship and waves as well as the movement provide a unique experience. After getting down a big dinner manage to sleep well with some reading and though did wake up with a stiff shoulder. 

On this planet but well away from reality.