From the open road to the closed room

12th March 2017 By malcra 0

Driving across Northern Spain from Santander to Lleida (so far) has been a revelation. Scenery excellent and with light traffic on excellent roads. Weather has been crisp but kind and got to 22 C at one point this afternoon (according to the device on the Transalp). 

“What goes through your mind whilst riding the bike ?” asked Roger at today’s lunch stop in Jaca. Good question as it’s not easy to drift off given the concentration needed to ride safely, which is more than is needed for driving a car. The sense you get is though is one of freedom and it’s easy to understand why for many men a midlife crisis usually involves a trip to the bike dealers. 

As for motivation, freeing my mind on the road is going to always be better for me than listening to speakers in conference rooms. Riding a bike is just you. In control and not discussing or explaining what you are doing or the decisions made to do stuff. You do it. A conference room is directive, with someone telling you what they want you to do (and occasionally why they are asking you to do it). 

If you stood up at a conference and in first the first part of the talk you asked people to spend the next 45 minutes doing something they would get the most value from, you would probably get a lot questions and requests for clarification.  

Some enlightened souls would get up and leave the room, probably on the premises of having a “valuable” conversation with a colleague. Some might see the best thing they could do is catch up on email but for sure the best thing they could do is sit down with themselves for a bit. Think what’s important and what motivates you. If it’s me talking at you for 45 minutes then there’s something very very wrong. 

So tomorrow sees the temporary transition from open road to closed room and from being with myself a lot (and one other person a little) to being with a lot more people a lot. Appealing it isn’t.