New label, familiar names

Acquired via Amazon (yes really) as not obtainable by my normal channels in the UK. This is the first release on the new, New Land label, though one with the familiar name of Kevin Gray of Coherent Audio doing the mastering (the name behind the Blue Note Tone Poet series. The record is pressed at Pallas, so also comes with a high quality pedigree.

Gerry Mulligan Night Lights, spun up on my Linn Axis turntable.

Its very easy going jazz from Gerry Mulligans sextext originally released on Phillips in 1963; Mulligan’s saxophone is great, very different from Coltrane and others in the same period. He’s on piano for the opening track, Night Lights and my initial reaction when spinning the vinyl was that there was more background noise than I’d expect, but after 30 seconds, I’m in tune to it, that its more likely my turntable and that it’s 08h00 in the morning. Through the cleaner and we are sorted. It’s a quiet, slow paced album, but captivating all the same.

You’ll struggle to find an original UK or US Philips pressing for comparison (one for sale on discogs as I write this for £200) and I’m not sure they’ll stack against Blue Notes of the same vintage. The packaging is good (resealable plastic outer), relatively heavy card cover and an inner sheet with some notes about the recording. For sure Sam Records this better, but in my opinion they’ve set the benchmark here for audiophile jazz releases at this sort of price point.

In all, an excellent LP and a sub GBP £30 price point, though I had to buy it via Amazon even though I own a record shop. Well worth checking out.