MLA Day 2

8th August 2018 By malcra 0

A Quality Mountain Day (QMD), a term that’s getting booted around a bit this week and is something that fits all the requirements for an interesting day in the mountains. Not on set paths, over 5 hours and a variety of other things that then make up a QMD.

More on the weather and then over to Idwal Cottage for a trip up Y Gribyn to Glyder Fawr, though given the conversation and pace yesterday this seemed unlikely and it proceeded that way. Emily, who was travelling with the sick contingent from yesterday didn’t feel so good and so we stuck to some earlier scrambling, an ascent of False Gribyn to the Football Pitch and then back down via Gribyn.

Weather crap early on but improved as the day went on with the peaks becoming clear and the rain stopping. More navigation and route planning and building of skills for moving on steep ground. Did like the way of building up levels of confidence and skills on short, avoidable sections and this seems to be a good approach to get people ready to tackle more tricky parts of a mountain.

Does seem to take time in the group to get stuff done and not much ground is really covered but all valuable stuff.

Back to the Siabod Cafe in Capel Curig for a debrief and some knots as tomorrow is a safety on steep ground day which should be good (though wet forecast)