There is a lot going on with Mountain Leader Training

My notes (and those of others from today) :

– confidence support : talking to people whilst holding them. contact with one arm is better than 2 as allows for balance from the leader

– confidence rope. z shape hold keep rope taut. elbows in.

– shape, size, sharpeness and stability : anchor point

– overhand knot, with a stopper knot as an adjustable waistloop

– South African abseil lots of friction. only for the leader not for the group

top tip : take a half a seat back before position

– belay point: knots in line, use rucksac to reduce friction.

– ABC anchor belay climbe

Who you are responsible for.

  1. yourself
  2. team
  3. other public
  4. next of kin
  5. people you are representing
  6. landowners
  7. environment
  8. organisation