Morocco Travel Thoughts

9th May 2018 By malcra 0

I’ve seen plenty of lists online and the Rough Guide also has plenty but there is always space for another list. I would point out this is based inn 3 weeks of travelling and only to limited places. I’ve mainly been in the south, beyond Casablanca, Rabat and Fes.


  1. Drive on the rightrŕè
  2. Importing the car or van isn’ttt l towed on the back. The best site for going through the process is this one and the online forms make it easier.
  3. Most garages only take cash when off the Autoroute though Total tends to take cards in most plac6s. Further south the Afriqua and Ziz stations tend to be cash only.
  4. Diesel is currently about 70p a litre and cheaper in the subsidised Sahara region.
  5. You’re normal driving insurance won’t cover you for Morocco so you will need a green card or buy insurance as you arrive. I got a green card from Aviva after an hour on the phone for £74 for 6 weeks. Note arriving on Sundays usually means the usually means the insurance offices at the ports are shut.
  6. The motorways are good and you can do Tangier to Agadir in 8 hours if you want with Marrakesh about 6 and Casablanca about 4 hours on the way. They are toll roads and whilst cheap (Tangier to Marrakesh less that 200 dirham, 16 quid) they only take cash so you’ll need to change some money at the port or get to an ATM first


  1. There are no supermarkets outside the big cities and everything happens in small shops or the market. You can find most things from cheap plastic essentials to food to expensive carpets.
  2. The gourd haggling scene in Life Of Brian is good training and you may want to start out with low value items first before going to more expensice things like carpets (er not that’s what I did).
  3. You don’t haggle for groceries normally and if you are paying what you think is a decent price (like £4 a litre of extra virgin olive oil) even if it is cheaper for locals you still know you are getting a bargain.
  4. Cash again is essential and funnily enough only the carpet shops have a credit card machine.


If you like tagine, cous cous or brochette (meat on skewers) then great but the choice can be limited in some places beyond that. A Moroccan salad is good and near the coast the seafood is stunning.

Price wise it’s cheap in most places and if you cook yourself then really cheap. That said a trip to the butchers is very different to most countries and not too much in the way of a fridge around and if you want chicken you may need to not only pluck it but also carry out the coup de grace.

Everything is bought fresh and even the smallest villages will have a small shop which opens longer hours than Arkwrights so no problem there.


Campsites were very mixed from the shithole in Essaouira to the decent sites in Tafraout which were similar to southern Spain standards.