Mountain Leadership Course : Day 1

7th August 2018 By malcra 0

Course is being run by Sam Leary from Leading Edge in Llanberis and the day starts in Pete’s Eats with a good breakfast and some classroom introductions. Two of the people on the course have been vomiting all night and the 3rd (from the same centre) has made it.

Some theory and a look at the weather forecast before a day walking 8.5km up Moel Eleni and back with plenty of map and compass work. Some good tips and tricks and reinforcement of stuff I did know not had forgotten or lapsed in use.

Plenty of time for discussion and exploration. Using contours as part of the navigation assessment is something I do but was really good to check this out. Measurement of distance by pacing stuff out isn’t something I did but I do now (73 double paces for 100m, double paces).

We didn’t walk far but plenty to think about and do as went. What was good was to have a chat about the flora; not the obvious thing but makes a walk in the mountains more interesting. I was unaware of the two types of carnivorous plants, Butterworts and Sundews (Drosera).

Back to Pete’s Eats for a debrief and chat and finally plodded back to the campsite for 7pm. The shower was okay too and then settled in for some guitar after the second part of the ravioli