No Record Store Day @ Core Of The Poodle

18th February 2022 By malcra 5

Last year (2021) I was too late to register for the Record Store Day (RSD) drops and being online before that meant I wasn’t eligible to participate. For 2022 I could have registered and indeed I did download the paperwork ready thought it would be worth it.

However, I decided against it; firstly there’s the cost, of signing up and the commitment to the wholesalers / distributors who supply the records. I also got the sense that RSD is now more RLD (record label day) and the drive to physical media is done and the aim is now to carve out profits.

Today’s article in The Guardian is a good take on what RSD has now become, at a time when it can be argued its job has been done. Many of the 411 releases are selected because they can be sold rather than they are what people want. Signing up to RSD involves a commitment to wholesalers and the wider music industry I don’t have, especially after the significant price hikes at the beginning of 2022 [[Argued that this is economic forces of too much demand and not enough supply to post Covid, post Brexit Britain]].

I deal with three main wholesalers, one for main stream releases when the price is right, one for audiophile releases and one for out-there jazz, funk and soul (as well as Ambient). The latter wholesaler provides a good price point for music you can experiment with. Then of course, 80% of my stock is used and I spend more money on buying collections from people than I do on new vinyl. RSD is about new stock.

Never say never, but I’ve not signed up for 2022 and maybe I’ll sign up for 2023. Current focus is on the shop refit done so that brewing and holding gigs can be something I’m ready for sooner in 2022 rather than later.