On board

9th January 2018 By malcra 0

All sorted this morning and arrived in plenty of time for the ferry which was running late in and just unloading from what must have been a late arrival from Portsmouth. Managed to get the stove out and make tea and grab some breakfast and chat to a few other people in the queue. The night in the port had been interesting with about 300 migrants looking to get in, on and under lorries and camper vans. Seems it had involved some interesting clashes with the police and security and not much sleep was had. Gutted I’d missed it but on the other hand all good in the hotel. Dinner a la carte on Brittany Ferries is usually excellent value and has a great (and reasonable priced wine list). Also good on the ferry are the Roy and Renee couples bemoaning the lack of boiling water to make tea how they’ve stared down some foreign chef for serving uncooked seafood. The lorry drivers lounge is situated inside the a late carte restaurant so whilst enjoying fine dining you’ll get the odd sensation of all isn’t quite just so. Just like the Blues Brothers. “How much for the little girl ?”. My time on the ferry has been spent doing emails and playing the guitar. Some progress with an easy chord version of America’s Horse with Noname and seem to have a working strumming technique for it. Got the verses nailed but not the chorus oddly but I have been through a desert on a van with no name, so maybe it’s time to give it one. Or maybe trade it in. The oil in water will mean a trip to Hereford on Thursday to try to understand what’s going on. All very chilled on board and no even concerned about the contents of the van at UK Customs. I’m already in the EU.