Red Hat Summit is Record Store Day

9th May 2018 By malcra 0

Once a year some of the Consulting and Training organisations globally get to travel to Summit, to get the latest technology news first hand from engineering and the business units.

For me it’s got the same excitement as Record Store Day, the annual frenzy for fans of the vinyl audio format as they look to find the things they like and the collectable items that will add both quality and value to collection.

The UK Record Store Day for 2018 had over 400 releases and my personal interest involved some releases from some great folk artists like Sandy Denny, June Tabor and Anne Briggs. I also had an hankering for a Factory Benelux release of a Durutti Column classic. I spent 2 hours in the queue outside the Tangled Parrot on the 21st April and managed to pick up all the items I wanted as I was #11 in the queue. Other record stores had much longer queues and not such a good selection of records.

Red Hat Summit has a range of important announcements across a range of products and technology areas and the coming week of presentations, workshops and sessions covers a full range of interests. The Open Source elements and the less technical sessions really add to the flavour to the event which attracts over 7000 delegates. That most of these are customers and partners allow Red Hat to get as much back as is put in. However it’s always a challenge to pick the right sessions and prioritise the main ones of interest.

In the end day 1 of Summit was exactly that; a lot of announcements at key note sessions and a lot of PR events. You couldn’t cover it all and the filter of coffee and jet lag focused you on the most relevant. That you were also attracted not to the most important but to the best delivered also highlights that the presentation has to be good to cut through the noise.

As they day drew to a close, I did manage to get out and buy some records at a great unsung store at 510 Green Street. So it’s all good.