Successful pickup !

29th December 2017 By malcra 0

Bit of a short write up but Tafraout to Marrakesh was about 5 hours via Agadir and the autoroute. 33mph average to Agadir with a stupendous road. Peage also impressive in its own way, with a 30km climb out from Agadir over the end of the Atlas. Guest house in Marrakesh is very nice and a surprising find given the road needed to get to it. Very modern and only opened in May. A modern place mainly south facing towards the Atlas. Off to Marrakesh Airport to pick up Tamara, who’s Ryanair flight was only 10 minutes getting in. Took 50 minutes for her to get through passport control and then some discussion to get out of the car park as it was 8 dirham and I had no change. In the end they took the £2 coin I had exchanged in Immouzer last week (for 20 dirham). Impressive road up the A7 The evening is being spent having food and catching up on gossip with the plan to cross the Tizi n Test pass back over to Taroundant tomorrow. Some hiking to follow and then a circuit to Ouarzazte and maybe out to Zagora depending on time. Nice in the guest house and struggling to stay awake as my norm is now relaxing in the van writing blogs and the Classic MX Wales report before falling asleep. Tamara’s view from the plane coming into Marrakesh.