Whilst Aldous Huxley used mescal as means of attaining a higher state of understanding (as described in The Doors of Perception) for the more humble philosopher I can only recommend the more obtainable alternative. Westmalle Tripel has the benefits of high alcohol content, with a fine crisp, bitter taste that ensures that a heightened state of understanding is achieved without the side effects of numerous trips to the toilet or indigestion. At 9.6%, it has a lower alcoholic content than lets say wine, but without the social stigma of drinking a whole bottle.

Digestion on a Sunday afternoon, two 33cl bottles can be recommended, allows the consumer to delve into a study of the others people in the bar without being snobbish and with an ability to understand your own role and position. A warmth and increased sense of affection for those of with you is achieved, without the side effects you might get with mushrooms, as well as increased perception of who you are in the environment you are placed. Westmalle Tripel can be drunk with the yeast in or not as a good bar will give you the choice by allowing you to pour the 2nd half of the 33cl bottle yourself. Extensive testing has shown this results in no noticable difference in philosophical awareness.

Noticable effects include:

empathy and understanding for people in the immediate vicinity. This might be the people you come to the bar with or complete strangers. This includes observations on body movements, posture etc
a concious thought on whether you would want to be them, or not (or to be part of their group)
ability to speak freely and clearly on the key matters that may affect or trouble them.
Whilst some of this behaviour might be put down to general alcohol intoxication, with the correct dosage of Westmalle Tripel you can achieve a more balanced state where your self awareness is also increased. Whilst not common it is also possible for you to subjective view yourself sitting in the bar, and see how people see you. Whilst some experimentation has taken place whilst with friends (who can observe and watch you carefully) for a truer more authentic experience is possible whilst on your own. This allows for less distraction and more focus on the subject matter. It does have disadvantage of needing to get yourself home so somewhere in walking or cycling distance is recommended.