After a false start in 2019 and after plenty of contemplation during lockdown #1 in Wales, the purchase of 26 Market Street, Haverfordwest SA61 1NH should take place on the 18th December 2020. With a living room full with over 2000 records the move has come about at the right time.

Haverfordwest has luckily had long established record shop, Terminal Records. It’s been running for 40 years, mainly located in the market but since that was converted by the council to the new learning centre, its been round the back of Bridge Street in a small shop unit. According to reports, at one time there were 4 record shops in the town and its good to see Terminal Records as a long term survivor. 26 Market Street has been a bookshop (from circa 2000-2004) and most recently also a record and CD shop, specialising in jazz run by Andrew Fuller. It shut a couple of years ago but some of stock remains, mainly jazz CDs, including some rarities.

With another lockdown looming after Christmas and with work to do on the shop, it’s going to be a brief one-day fling for the shop on Saturday 19th December (10h00 till 17h00 probably) for now. There’s over 2000 records that haven’t seen the light of day for a while; some rarities and collectables and a lot of stuff which is VG+ and above. Everything is stored in plastic sleeves and is priced up, though visitors to 26 Market Street are encouraged to negotiate if they feel like it.

The long term aim is to continue to sell new and used vinyl with regular shop opening by March 2021 along with other products produced and sold by Core Of The Poodle. Any questions give me a call on 07720 079845; obviously Covid shopping restrictions mean you’ll need a face mask and maximum of two people in the shop at any one time.