Whats in the shop ?

16th December 2020 By malcra 0

For the December 19th pop-up shop at 26 Market Street, I’ve been busy getting and listing stock. Most (but not all) of this is listed on the website but there’s more to come. I’ve been collecting and dealing in records again since 2010, after some serious buying stopped in the early 90s. My own tastes have shifted from rock/metal, to prog and now is a little more jazz centric, but still have a hankering for some classic folk music. I’ve bought and then sold some fine records and whilst I’ve had some regrets, my musical tastes change and my record collection reflect this. I’ve sold online on discogs and at record fairs over the last 10 years too and the shop is the latest extension of this.

There are around: 150 jazz, 600 rock/pop, 400 classical, 300 prog, 100 folk/country, 100 alt/indie, 600 singles and 50 or so rarities/collectables. There are more records to come over the next couple of months. There are 100 new sealed albums, including a sort after Queen box set,

The records are priced up (based on previous record fair pricing etc) up but happy to do a deal with people coming to the shop. That’s why the shop will be open on Saturday 19th December and starting to open more regularly in 2021 after Covid restrictions make things a little easier. The pricing scale is : discogs, most expensive (10.5% selling fees with paypal), website, cheaper (2% sales fees) and the shop, cheapest, small fee for card payment, as well as the opportunity to strike a deal. You can also check the record directly and potentially give it a spin.

Buying and selling records isn’t my main job (yet), I work in IT but I’m hoping to have keen and willing helpers going forward so the shop can open on a regular basis. The challenge for all collectors, lovers of music and the dealers is getting the records people want. The demand for good second hand records is significantly outstripping supply, though this is balanced out by lots of new vinyl now being available. One of the sellers at the Narberth Record Fair last week had mainly new stock and I know of another shop that has shift primarily from second hand to new. Getting good second hand stock is difficult, Covid has meant people haven’t out and about and don’t want dealers and collectors round their house. Also, wholesale prices for 2nd hand vinyl is a lot higher, dealers have to pay a lot more for good quality records. Sellers are much more aware of the potential value of the records they have collecting dust in the house and this has resulted on Facebook Marketplace is full of high priced easy listening records originally sold by Music For Pleasure and KTel.

There are more records for the shop, but it will be January before they get added to the website and stock lists. Look forward to seeing people on Saturday