Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. 

15th February 2017 By malcra 0

According to Eurostar you cannot do both. Travelling for work can be a pleasure usually based on the conversations and observations you make. This is much truer for train travel rather than air travel, where making it a pleasure is far more difficult. 

I’ve mentioned observation before so should focus on conversation. A couple of weeks ago it involved discussions on pharmokenetics and the quality of science which made the 2 hour journey go by pretty quickly. This week it’s a couple of words with The Man in Seat 31 but that’s also fine. Gives me time to write this. The seat61.com website looks at the best seat on the Eurostar based on the fact you don’t need to talk to anyone rather actually interact. 

You need conversation and stimulation to talk about things and then time to think and write up. Maybe I am ready like George Orwell to up sticks to Jura to write based on the observations and conversations I have had on the world at large.  For last year’s Cambrian Way maybe I did too much walking rather than enough thinking  (and maybe that’s why I need to do it again). 

Thinking and writing is always a pleasure you can always have when travelling for business. Taking your mind there from time to time is a good thing.