You can’t always get what you want, but you can get something different (and usually better) instead

26th December 2017 By malcra 0

Sitting here in someone’s front room in Tafraoute waiting for dinner. This is what I though was a emporter yesterday but I was wrong and got picked up from the campsite at 18h30 sharp. Now watching Moroccan TV and it’s all a bit surreal. I’m on my own but all seems above board and you just need to go with the flow.

What I thought was the adverts was in fact a break for prayer for 3 minutes. Can’t imagine what might happen if Coronation Street had a break for The Lords Prayer or a rendition of a hymn. Might be interesting in the response but would be a great experiment. The meal was great and as Christmas dinners go was one of the weirder ones with a nice family looking to make ends meet. The food was really great !

She did look a bit worried but the food was great. Paying for the meal involved some reverse haggling. She wanted 50 dirham and I wanted to pay 100 etc

Finished reading Shared Reality (blogs passim) and have an understanding of what they are saying though it might need a ‘re read. Evidism is key; seeing the facts as facts and not heresay or rumour. Have an article underway in this and will go through some of key points when I get a chance.

Christmas day was a cycle ride out to the painted rocks, so done by a Belgian artist a few years ago (with some help of some local firemen). It’s all a bit odd but still a good excuse for a cycle out to the desert. Sitting out in the quiet was great and though there were a few people about it was a still, perfect day. Great for reflecting on things and in particular why you might be in sitting on rock in the sun, in Morocco on Christmas Day.

Looking back at the Painted Rocks

Stopped at one of the numerous small shops found in Morocco on the way back into Tafraoute. Bottle of coke, 6 eggs and a small loaf of bread was £1.20 so whilst not the measured basket of produce you can see why Lidl and Aldi haven’t made inroads. I’ve seen A couple of supermarkets near Essaouira which had empty car parks and I’m guessing most Moroccans use the local shops (for local people). To be honest it’s one of the attractions.

Tagine shopping; you have the Arab shape and the Berber shape. A 2-3 person tagine is 30 dirham about £2.50.

A very chilled atmosphere at the shop as the kids were coming back from school for lunch and there were a few people chatting around the shop. Back to the sense of a village mentality and true community and maybe this is something we are beginning to lack in Europe. When you do see it (and you could argue that Crickhowell are trying to do this) it’s all a bit artificial and needs protecting because it’s 1. Not competitive and 2. Not want for everyday (it’s nice to visit).

The shop behind me

Cooked some lunch and read some bits and pieces before walking out behind the campsite so I could murder the guitar for an hour, without anyone murdering me. It’s not as warm as the photos seem with daily max around 17 C. Tafraoute is at 1000m and whilst the sun is warm there’s still a chill in the air all day. That said sunshine is an amazing thing though not sure about being here in the summer.

Did find another and better, bigger and cleaner campsite about 500m further out of town and if I do head out for a drive tomorrow I may return to this site rather than the Trois Palmeries. It’s full of Italians driving 2CVs so needless to say it was a bit noisy.

Checked the solar panel and whilst it is charging the flat roof mount may look good but with the low sun of December it’s not ideally angle for a good charge. It’s not really a problem at the moment but it’s a mod to consider in future and potentially getting a MPPT controller as this will also be more efficient.

On the whole a very different Christmas Day and whilst not going to be a habit it’s good to do something different from time to time.