Zurich 7am

22nd February 2017 By malcra 0

I travel a lot, but still when you when you wake up sometimes you feel disconnected from reality. Usually after waking up at some point in the night (in this case 3am) and then falling back to sleep, you subsequently wake with the alarm. 

Though awake isn’t quite the right work. It’s a mixed state somewhere between awake and asleep where drowsiness covers the mind and soul. You are thinking slowly and thoughtfully. Usually if you have a non routine day (office and tram route not taken before, new customer) then you might plan these through. But you also are able to thing deeply and your minds eye is able to image things you want in a way that you might actually feel you are touching them. 

This isn’t a pre brekkie ereccie as such (though I always wondered what the cause of that it is) but it is something sensual which drags you in. It doesn’t happen often though first morning in Lier is a time when I can find it.

Sometimes when I do eventually drag myself out of bed I am disappointed than I’m not in Lier and that Sophie is not here either.
If you start the day with level of feeling and inner soul enabled you find yourself with it all day. Even during a meeting or when working on a document you are still yearning for that feeling of half concious and thinking about you inside. 

Selfish indulgence yes, but why not. It doesn’t cost anything. Inward reflection is good to establish who you are which is in itself and important factor in self belief and self determination.